Ancient Aliens – Beautiful Structures

The problem with human beings is that we have a tendancy to contradict ourselves to some degree. A large number of the population believe in stories they are told from ancient texts, use ancient herbal remedies and generally consider anything “ancient” to be wise and true. Just because it’s really old. As if people who lived long ago knew something we didn’t. Some kind of secret knowledge or way of being that is more in tune with nature and spirituality.

But on the flip side, ancient alien theorists exclaim about how impossible it would be for ancient mankind to build such incredible structures like the pyrimids in Egypt and South America. That they must have gotten help from extraterrestrials.

Well is it not possible that they could be wise and true because of ancient aliens? Yeah, it’s possible but it’s not likely. The reality is they really weren’t all that wise and true. A lot of what they believed back then was pretty ridiculous. Just because they were right about some stuff doesn’t validate everything.

The stuff they built was pretty amazing for their time, but so is the stuff we build. Yet we are not told what to build by aliens. In fact the stuff we build today is way more complex and amazing than the stuff that was built in the ancient world. I think this simple fact alone pretty much invalidates most of those arguments about ancient man being influenced by aliens.

I mean lets seriously look at this. If we got a whole bunch of us together today, gave ourselves a very realistic time frame of 40 years and a bunch of primative tools, we could build a pyrimid out of stone. It would be laborous work, take a long time and a lot of patience, but we could get it done. It would be every bit as ornate as the structures of the ancient world, because we took our time on it and didn’t rush it.

Today we have a different sense of design and a faster pace of development. Nobody is going to wait 40 years today for a building to be built. We use materials like steel, concrete and glass to build huge structures that reach high into the sky. Because of these materials we can build structures that shoot nearly straight up. The reason they were building pyrimids in the ancient world was because the design was easy to understand and worked well with gravity. You start with a large base and get smaller as you go up. It’s less likely to tip over that way. They didn’t have the engineering expertise or materials back then to pull off what we can do today. If they had truly been helped by aliens, one would think those aliens woud have clued them in on some of this knowledge. Maybe started them off by mining iron ore, teaching them how to make steel and introducing them to steam power and/or fossil fuels.

But this didn’t happen. We know this didn’t happen because there is no evidence of such operations going on back then. The best we get are a bunch of structures made of stone. Very well done, but with enough time and patience and unaware of any other way to do things, the human mind can find ways to make beautiful things with what it has available to it.

I think it is completely irresponsible to suggest that ancient man had to be influenced or guided by alien visitors in order to accomplish any of the things they did. For starters it’s an insult to human ingenuity and last it’s baseless in its claim. One only need look back several hundred years to great renaissance artists who carved beautiful statues out of stone. We know who those artists were and we know how they did what they did. If anything, this proves that humanity has a great legacy of stone working skills that dates back a long time.

  • Paul j

    I simply believe like many pheoretical scientists that we are not alone and well basically all you have to do is look in our sea as there you’ll find things dated 104ad and they have markings of strange beings in suits also the way these things are constructed we still cannot copy to an exact using modern tech