Ancient Aliens Markers and Refueling

I’ll be doing a series of posts based on ancient alien theory and the History Channel show by the same title. This is the first in that series. As such if you have not seen the show you should definitely check it out. Your reason for watching it could be one of the following:

I believe it
I like a good laugh
I enjoy all the interesting locations and stories they tell
I want to see Giorgio Tsoukalos’s hair slowly morph into Nicolas Cage bird hair

Whatever your reason happens to be, you might not fully grasp what I’m going to argue in these posts without having seen the show. Unless you already know something about ancient aliens.  Either way I’ll do my best to explain. Starting with the following argument.

In the show it is argued that certain ancient structures were put in place across multiple lands for ancient aliens to navigate earth. That possibly these sites were also used as refueling stations for alien ships.

Ok. For starters, this idea is just plain out silly. Let’s take a step back and look at who we claim to be dealing with here; ALIENS THAT TRAVELLED ACROSS THE UNIVERSE TO GET HERE!

I seriously doubt that such an advanced race of a beings (should they be or have been visiting earth) require stone structures in order to navigate our planet. If they can navigate space, a single planet should not be too difficult to get around. Just to add insult to injury, these theorists also claim that it’s possible these markers could also be refueling stations.

I’m willing to give you one maybe two refueling stations on earth. That I might say is possible. But the idea that they might need several of them, a few hundred miles a way from each other, begins to make it look like these aliens are all piled into a station wagon with an 18 gallon tank and need to stop off every couple hundred miles to refuel. YET THEY CAN GET ACROSS THE UNIVERSE JUST FINE!

You see how silly this idea begins to look? There is really very little common sense being used in a lot of the speculation that is presented on the show.

Let’s be honest, this show is all based on one giant leap to begin with. The idea that aliens visited the earth in the past and played gods to mankind. I think that is a wonderful and fascinating story, but there is no solid evidence to back it up. Thus every episode follows presenting “evidence” which is really nothing more than “replace X with aliens.” X being anything from ancient stonework to greek gods to bigfoot to ghosts to demons to whatever. What this show presents is a modern day sci-fi/mythology blend. The fact that the show is in its forth season right now, only proves that people love mythology and science fiction blended together. Hey it worked for Star Wars and it worked for Stargate so why don’t we make a show about it? To be fair Stargate was based on ancient alien theory so I’m not suggesting that Stargate came first, simply that it proved that people love the combination of mythology and sci-fi as entertainment. I happen to love both myself and so Star Wars and Stargate are two of my favorite fanchises. So of course Ancient Aliens (the show) is going to fit perfectly with me. That said, 99% of what these people speculate on this show is just that “pure speculation” and nothing more.




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  1. this solar system is on the outer rim of galactic civilization…cataclysmic events forced it to be abandoned …those left behind remained on the oasis “earth”…its rare that other species have to navigate.this solar system but when they do it is very unfamiliar…the reformation of intelligence on a planet unconnected to the galactic federation appears hostile to pilots attempting to refuel on our ancient docks which is why we only get flybys…reports of ufos leaving the ocean have been confirmed leading to believe the refueling station on atlantis is in tact and secure

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