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Have no fear. It’s just another year.

The internet has exploded with all this bullshit about December 21st, 2012 and how it’s the end of the world or the age of enlightenment or the return of ancient gods. It’s really crazy how peoples imaginations run wild with this stuff. Of course there is no evidence for any of it. None at all! But man are they selling a lot of books and getting a lot of youtube views. Hey follow the money and the fame seekers.

People love end-of-the-world stories. It gets us all excited and freaked out. It’s the same reason we go to the theater to see scary movies or movies about… the end of the world. We love that shit. We eat it up.

What else do we love? Ancient stuff. Mysteries. A belief that there is some secret knowledge and/or secret societies possessing such secret knowledge. Information that we have to dig for (via Google two clicks away usually) and that we are now part of a small few that are aware of this secret knowledge the rest of the world doesn’t know about or denies. It makes us feel special, like we belong to something. If that knowledge is hidden in ancient carvings or texts, even better! Because they’re old, so they must be more knowledgable than us right? I mean they did build space shuttles and… err… skyscrapers right? Oh they didn’t. Um… well then they must have been more spiritually connected to the earth and mother nature that they had secret knowledge passed to them right? Right?

Sadly so many people don’t actually stop and think it through. Instead they build on all these stories because it’s fun. They want it to be true because they feel that in some way it will add meaning to their lives. So they propagate these rumors or stories by posting their own videos and blog entries and status updates and telling all their friends. They deny the skeptics as being close minded and not in the loop.

The reality is, there is no planet X (Nibiru) heading toward our earth. We would have seen it by now. Any one of you with you own telescope could have seen it by now.

As for the Mayan calendar ending on December 21st, 2012, that’s just when it ends. If the Mayans who made that long count calendar where still around, they would gladly create a new calendar to continue on with. But they aren’t. You know what? We can do it for them and put all of this to rest. Hey, isn’t that an idea.


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  1. I can’t wait to see a fair and beanlcad film on 2012 with a scientific approach. What a refreshing antedote to the 2012 fearmongering frenzy. Your book on 2012: Science and Prophecy of the Ancient Maya is great. I appreciate the beautiful pictures, explanatory drawings, highlights and insights that you provide. Truly the most beautiful and artistic FACTUAL book on 2012. AND I won’t cash in my IRA before December 21, 2012! Thanks for the reassurance.

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